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Website Hosting
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Red Hat Linux ServerRed Hat Linux WindowsRed Hat Linux Windows
100 MB Webspace500 MB WebspaceUnlimited Webspace
Domain RegistrationDomain RegistrationDomain RegistrationDomain Registration
Control PanelControl PanelControl PanelControl PanelControl Panel
Full DNS ControlFull DNS ControlFull DNS ControlFull DNS ControlFull DNS Control
Any Email Forwarders10 Email Forwarders10 Email Forwarders20 Email ForwardersAny Email Forwarders
10 Email Boxes1 Email Box10 Email BoxesUnlimited Email Boxes
1 FTP Account10 FTP AccountsUnlimited FTP Accounts
1 MySQL Database3 MySQL Databases
Pre Installed WordPress
Pre Installed Joomla
Google Apps CompatibleGoogle Apps CompatibleGoogle Apps Compatible

All prices are including VAT | Premium domains ( attract an additional charge of £20.00 inc VAT